Saturday, December 15, 2007

WCSH Channel 6 takes a dive - WMTW Channel 8 on top - Shannon Moss is back

After many years of WCSH being in the number one spot here in southern Maine, MWTW (local ABC Affiliate here in Maine) has taken a lead by making quite a few changes and by simply being professional and responsive to consumers.

The morning team on WCSH 6, while popular for many years, has gotten stale. I like all of them but Lee Nelson can’t seem to finish a sentence without… slowing……it………down……….at……………..the………………….end. Sharon Rose’s conservative view points and eye rolls on things she doesn’t agree with are just too annoying to watch. Kevin Mannix, well, Kevin is Kevin. He’s nice, smart, and easy to watch. He has a passion for his work and it shows. He also participates in the annual Waban fund raiser for kids (in Sanford, ME) and does a great job. But he can’t hold the morning team’s watchability together by himself.

I personally have had issues with WCSH’s technical abilities and customer relations commitment. I receive their digital/high definition signal over the air and had several problems lately with the picture/sound synchronization and their response to my inquiries about the problem. As a consumer, I really should not have to call my local television station and tell them that their broadcast signal is having a problem. And if I do I shouldn’t get the response “it does??”, or “there’s no one here to answer your questions”. I can’t figure out how a television station doesn’t have the appropriate technical staff on hand during prime time. That’s when the largest number of people are watching their programming. If they have signal or tower problems during the day, I wouldn’t think that they would loose nearly the advertising revenue as when something goes wrong during prime time.

All of these issues, along with NBC’s lineup in general, have convinced me to migrate the majority of my viewing over to Channel 8, WMTW and WGME, Channel 13. WMTW recently added a WCSH alumni, Shannon Moss, to their morning broadcast as a co-anchor. Shannon has always been well liked in the community when she was on WCSH and when WCSH lended her out to the CW (formerly the WB) for the 10:00 pm news broadcast. Shannon is smart and confident and seems to just get along well with everyone and her amiable personality definitely comes through on the broadcast.

Now, I don’t know what the ratings say but if WMTW isn’t #1 now, it won’t be long before it is. Channel 13, WGME (CBS) is also gaining some ground in the public eye. I have gathered this consensus by talking to people about this subject all the time. As you can see, I have a passion for television and have written some large articles on my blog that are dedicated to High Definition TV programming. I am trying to educate those trying to learn about HDTV. I believe that all Maine Broadcaster have not done a good enough job educating the public about the imminent, large scale changes in the television industry that will happen in Feburary 2009. I’ve tried to share what I have learned through almost a year of research.

Best Wishes and good luck to WMTW. They made a great decision by adding Shannon to their team. In my opinion, WCSH 6 needs to do quite a lot of work to get regain some respect in the local community.


JTP said...

You may not like Sharon Rose's politics or the way she "rolls her eyes" but she is CERTAINLY easier on the eyes than Shannon Moss. What the heck is it with that hair?

RSCME said...

I try to allow all comments because I believe in other people's opinions. But I'm disappointed that this is where the comments have gone. Someone out there wants to criticize Shannon Moss's hair because it is "easier on the eyes". That is not what news is about. It's not about hair, it's about being fair and telling all sides of the story without inflecting your personal viewpoints with an eyeroll in the middle of it. But, to each his/her own, I guess. Somebody missed the point. I'm not sure whether or not it was me or you.

I do appreciate you stopping by and offering your point of view. Those are always allowed here.

john said...

SHARON ROSE annoying? Only a catty female could make an observation like that!

And as for her attitudes and opinions--they're not only what keep THE MORNING REPORT fresh and fun, but they "keep it honest" (quoting from your header).

Maybe I'm subjective--OKAY I'M SUBJECTIVE--but her spontaneous charm, her irrepressable "sass" is just about the only thing that could get me to turn on that drivelling, droning tube at 5:00 AM.

Objectivity has its uses, but it makes for a lousy motivator. If a story "breaks" on tv and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound broadcast?

Luke Snyder said...

Sounds to me like only a gay man would refer to a year old article about his hero Sharon Rose and stick up for her, especially when she "rolls her eyes" any time she has to do a story about gay people.

And if you're a straight man, or woman sticking up for Sharon Rose by calling here "charming" and "sassy", you're not talking about the Sharon Rose on WCSH6. Maybe you have her confused with Sharon Stone.

I happen to know the owner of this blog and HE isn't catty or female, just honest.

Interesting comments, John, from someone who blocked his profile.

ED said...

Sharon Rose is a fine example of sexy mature MILF.She is the reason to turn on the tube at 5:30.During the office olympics I really loved it when she said,'I'm gonna rock your world'.I like all her comments.I could only wish she would rock my world.....

Jenn said...

I don't care if Sharon Rose rolls her eyes, or what she looks like. She can barely complete a sentence without stumbling over her words. It is really painful to listen to. I really don't understand how she's kept her job this long.

RSCME said...

I agree. I refuse to watch the news on Channel 6. I personally make a conscious effort to watch another channel - usually Channel 8 - But occasionally Channel 13.

I'm telling you, when I moved to Maine everyone watched Channel 6 news and I truly was just a habit until I realized how bad it really was.